1. As soon as you become a member of OHWGA, a computer number will be assigned to you and will be posted on the bulletin board in the Pro Shop.
  2. Play five complete rounds of golf and have someone in your group attest the scorecard after each round. Be sure to print your full name on the scorecard, along with the date and your signature. While you are in the process of establishing a handicap, you must play every stroke. You may not “pick up” until you have reached a maximum of 10 strokes per hole.
  3. After each round, you enter your score in the computer. If you need help, ask someone in the Pro Shop, another OHWGA member, or the Handicap Chairperson.
  4. The USGA will issue a handicap on the next revision date after submitting your 5 attested scores into the computer. Your name and handicap will appear on the handicap list posted in the Pro Shop. Handicaps are revised every 2 weeks.

Once you have established your handicap, be sure to enter all your subsequent scores into the computer and turn in your scorecard for each round you play. This will give you an accurate handicap. Adjust your score, where necessary, in accordance with the Equitable Stroke Adjustment procedure using your full handicap. Instructions for this are in the back of the Member Handbook. The table of adjustments is also posted on the computer table in the Pro Shop.

Enter all your scores, regardless of where or how you played, into the computer. Be sure to indicate whether you were “away”, playing a “tournament”, and the date. Make sure each scorecard is signed, attested, legible, and placed in the “Handicap” basket.