2020 Season

The Oak Hills Women’s 18 Hole Golf Association in Norwalk is eager to welcome you to the 2020 golf season. If you are looking for information on the "9 Hole League" please click here.

I strongly urge you to read below for the changes taking place due to COVID 19. Our first tournament will be Wednesday, May 27th.

Here are some details:

1. Mandatory face coverings in parking lots, checking in, and right up to the time you tee off. Maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times.
2. Carts will be available, one person per cart.
3. Everyone will have a separate card and must keep their own score hole by hole for handicap purposes. If you wish to bring your own card, you can print it off the Oak Hills website.
4. Each foursome will be assigned a captain.
5. Give your score hole by hole to the captain (and another back up card) after every hole to avoid gathering at the end of play. Captain will forward scores to the scorer.
6. Captain, and back up only, will record the scores on the tournament sheet, maintaining social distancing.
7. Both pro shops are closed so no computers are available. Record your score hole by hole on the GHIN app. No handicap box.
8. Golf genius will be interacting with you around May 18 to invite you to play on Wednesday the 27th
9. If you wish to play Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday in the tournament, there will be no written sign up sheets. You simply email the pairer, (website or handbook), 10 days before play. Make sure you receive a confirmation from the pairer.
10. Sue Norton will be handing out handbooks at the first tournament.
11. Pat Williams will be sending you instructions on how to get the GHIN app and how to put your score in hole by hole at home.
12. We are following the USGA temporary recommendation that a ball within 5 feet of the pin is considered as holed out with one stroke. Players in the group must agree on the 5 foot decision.

"We’re all in this together" seems to be the theme as a result of this awful pandemic. Together, with patience, not necessarily perfection, I am confident we will enable these procedures to work- temporarily. See you on the 27th

Lynn Ryan, President
Oak Hills Women’s 18 Hole Golf Association