Tournament Days

Tournaments may be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and must be played with another member of the OHWGA. Wednesdays are the only day where the Association has blocked tee times. Also, non-resident members playing on Wednesdays will be charged resident rates (not senior resident rates).

Each participant is responsible for knowing how a tournament is played. If a participant plays incorrectly, she will be disqualified. If there are any questions about how a tournament is played, call a tournament committee member before playing. The rules for each tournament are described in this handbook.

Once pairings have been established, any changes must be pre-approved by the pairer, or the person(s) making the unapproved changes will be disqualified from the tournament. However, in the event of inclement weather, those players paired together may elect to move to another scheduled tournament day. If there is inclement weather on a Wednesday, only those players who were paired and scheduled to play on that day, may elect to play on the following Thursday, rather than the following Saturday or Sunday.